How to Hide Your Mermaid Child by Anna Wineheart (ePUB)

how hide mermaid child, anna wineheart

How to Hide Your Mermaid Child (Closet Baby Chronicles #5) by Anna Wineheart – Free eBooks Download


Kidnapped by a dragon, Quinlan’s doing his best to pretend that his baby is a dragon shifter.
Behind on rent and three states away from home, Quinlan needs to make it back before his landlord trashes all his things. Especially the expensive supplies for his mermaid baby, Annie.
Except he gets kidnapped.
By a dragon.
A dragon who is determined to make Quinlan his mate.
Somehow, the dragon, Griff, thinks Annie is a baby dragon. In order to convince Griff to fly them home, Quinlan keeps up the pretense. While ignoring the heaps of quilts, baby clothing, and phones that Griff has collected to court his mate.
There is no way Quinlan’s falling for his kidnapper. Nope. None at all.
But Griff is an oddball shifter who’s growing increasingly excited for Annie’s first fireball. He’s unexpectedly sweet, desperate for a mate, and as much as Quinlan tries to reject him, Griff is starting to wear down his defenses…

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