How to Entrap a Rake by Ella Edon (ePUB)

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How to Entrap a Rake (Lords of Lust #2) by Ella Edon – Free eBooks Download


She wants to bring him down…but she’ll be the one to fall.

Lady Georgina only wants one thing: to avenge her sister’s death. And when she finds the man responsible, she knows just what to do. She will take away any future he might be dreaming of—if she manages to look past his charm.
Anthony’s life has it all; fun, flirting, titles…According to his father, there’s only one part missing: a wife. But Anthony doesn’t plan to settle anytime soon. Until he finds himself announced to be wedded in less than a month!
In a desperate attempt to fix this mess, Anthony meets his betrothed. And he is sure Georgina is behind the banns that bind them together. He can’t tell why yet. But he’ll enjoy discovering it. Because of all the mysteries life holds, Georgina is the wickedest.
And even if she trapped him, you know what they say; Revenge is a dish best served… while naked!

The wedding banns seem harmless…unless you’re single and you find your name in them.

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