How to Destroy Your Lifelong Bully by Camilla Evergreen (ePUB)

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How to Destroy Your Lifelong Bully (How to Rom-com #3) by Camilla Evergreen – Free eBooks Download


I hate him.
Velspar Pratt is a monster. Twelve years of school with him proved that time and again. As a girl with a stutter, I knew bullies would target me, but no one tortured me half as much as he did.
When I graduated, I thought I was finally free, but cruel fate has led me back to him—as his live-in maid. If I didn’t need the money he’s offering as desperately as I do, I’d walk away, but we are already much too aware of our roles in society.
I can’t afford to give this job up. His billionaire rump can afford anything he wants.
Even me.
At the very least, I’ve found a self-help book that promises to give me a chance at revenge. All I have to do is keep from falling for his awful schemes. Which is easier said than done.
He’s the song that’s been stuck in my head for as long as I can remember. He’s vile and rotten. But when he smiles at me…he feels more like the enemy I hate to love rather than the one I’ve loved to hate.

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