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How to Deal by Shey Stahl – Free eBooks Download


I loved my job.
After meeting the owner’s son, I hate it.
He’s making my life difficult, and I’m positive he only comes to work to annoy me. I contemplate quitting just because of him. That is until I realize who he really is. A famous wedding photographer whose clientele ranks among the rich and famous. Getting Elliott Warren to be your photographer comes with a price tag and it just so happens my best friend has been trying to book him for her wedding.
The dilemma?
He’s so famous that asking him to take her wedding photos is like asking Michelangelo to paint your apartment.
I can’t let my best friend down.
The deal?
Go on a date with him and he’ll take the photos. It’s supposed to be a simple business transaction.
Pfft. Impossible. Not when you’re dealing with someone as devastatingly attractive as him.
Just when I think I have it under control, he makes his next deal. And this time, I find it even harder to resist. He knows exactly how to deal.

Authors Note: A portion of How to Deal was previously released as a novella titled Deal in 2014. How to Deal is now a full length novel and includes brand new material to complete the ending of Tathan and Amalie.

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