How the Hoyden Won the Duke by Eva Devon (ePUB)

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How the Hoyden Won the Duke (The Hoydens of Hyde Park #4) by Eva Devon – Free eBooks Download


From glittering ballroom to stunning castles, join four Hoydens as they turn London and the ton upside down in their pursuit of dreams, passion, and love!

A Lady Like No Other
Lady Thomasina Kent is determined to study science. Raised with benevolent neglect by parents who adore their own studies, she has been able to pursue things that other ladies have not. But now she has come up against a great obstacle. For no young women are allowed within the hospitals or medical schools of London, but she has a plan. The Duke of Highcliff might just have her answer and when she corners him in The George coaching inn, she is certain that he can be of aid. There’s just one thing. She has not anticipated the way his gaze makes her body burn with hunger or the way his words make her spirits soar. Will their deal be the answer to her dreams or the breaking of all that she’s ever known?

A Duke Determined to Lead:
The Duke of Highcliff is a man of science and power. On the fields of France, he saw passion like no other to fight Napoleon. But he also saw blood and when he returns to London, he takes up the position of patron to Guy’s hospital. When he meets Thomasina Kent, he’s shocked to find that he’s willing to help her because he does not wish her dreams to be crushed. For he is drawn to her in a way he cannot deny. When he offers her help, it is a dangerous ruse. To gain her dreams, he is putting her reputation on the line. And if things go amiss she will be ruined completely. Will he allow his heart to lead him or will his head win?

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