How It Needed to Be by T.S. Joyce (ePUB)

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How It Needed to Be (Oath of Bane #8) by T.S. Joyce – Free eBooks Download


Divar Stockton isn’t supposed to exist.
The Bane brothers were supposed to be the only remaining bear shifters on earth, but they aren’t. There is an entire clan of them in hiding, and Divar has escaped his people in an attempt to survive, and maybe, just maybe, learn how to be a good man from Krome’s rag-tag Crew of misfits. His inner animal has different plans though. Hunt, hunt, hunt—that’s all he thinks about, all he cares about, all he wants, and it makes it impossible to control the grizzly inside of him. A chance-meeting with a beautiful security guard on one of his hunts will change his life forever. She has shifters circling her, but why? She’s just a human, but she’s drawing out the predators from the shadows, and Divar’s bear starts thinking about something else for the first time in his existence. He wants to protect her from the animals that are hunting her. He doesn’t know much about being a good man, but he can do this—he can make his life mean something for someone else.

Ruby Daughtry knows monsters exist.
She’s seen them in the jail she works at, but when a man with strange-colored eyes begins showing up at her work, she needs to know more about him. She knows what he is, and she could use a friend with a strong back and sharp teeth right about now. Something is in her woods, and Divar might be just the person to give her advice on what to do. The closer she gets to him, the more she realizes shifters aren’t what she thought. Simple days don’t exist for men like Divar, and the deeper she dives into his world, the farther away her old, safe life seems to be. She’s feeling alive for the first time in a long time, but the danger that excites her could also be her demise.

A new Crew is rising, and sacrifices must be made to end this war in the epic finale of T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Oath of Bane series. Buckle up, ladies and gents…the bear shifters dragged us into this adventure, and they will take us right to the very end.

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