How Did You Survive Alone? by Ki Brightly (ePUB)

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How Did You Survive Alone? (Irish Roulette #3) by Ki Brightly, M.D. Gregory – Free eBooks Download


The Legacy Mobster
Fallon Maher is falling for the most unlikely person. Aspen is handsome, but he’s quiet, while Fallon is the opposite and talks enough to irritate everyone. The two men dance around their feelings, but when Fallon is injured while on a job for their boss, Aspen charges into the line of fire to help him.

The Man Who Kills for The Irish Mob Boss
Aspen Kavanagh observes before he formulates a plan to act, and he sees how much Fallon struggles to be what is necessary to survive in the Killough Company. He’s too kind for this type of work, but with the right training he will be okay. Cillian, Rowen, and Aspen have no trouble taking lives, but it’s clearly something Fallon will need help to learn. Between Fallon getting hurt and his obvious struggle with killing, Aspen is afraid that Fallon will be removed from the Company.

Loving Against All Odds
Fallon and Aspen get closer as Fallon recovers from an injury, but then all hell breaks loose in New York City’s criminal underground. People are dead, buildings are destroyed, and business plans are ruined for more than one mob. The Irish boss, Sloan Killough, wants answers and revenge. Fallon is too injured to go out and prove himself in the ensuing chaos, but all Aspen can think about is him as he soldiers on and follows the orders of his boss. Will Aspen be able to find a way to keep Fallon with the Company, and more importantly, with him? Or will Killough’s killers have to say goodbye to their apprentice?

How Did You Survive Alone? must be read as part of the Irish Roulette series to get the most enjoyment out of the story. The book does not end on a cliffhanger, but there are more Irish mob stories to come from Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory!

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