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Houston (Alphas #5) by Pandora Snow – Free eBooks Download


The blissful night I lost my virginity to my untouchable neighbor Sierra is forever burned into my memory. She’s suddenly moved back across the street with more than her intoxicating beauty. Do I have the emotional capability required to raise a family with my first love?

Am I dreaming? It can’t possibly be her, can it?
To this day, the feeling of being lost inside Sierra’s welcoming body is unmatched.
She’s not a teenager anymore, and I’m no longer a socially awkward inexperienced boy.
She’s also not alone, a joyous two-year-old baby boy attached to her sensual hip.
Our sexual chemistry enraptures my every stimulated cell.
Reconnecting should be simple right?
Except her ex high-school-quarterback husband’s mean streak of aggression threatens every move she makes.
His own reprehensible behavior forced an end to their marriage.
But he still guilts my sexy neighbor into thinking she’s at fault.
Talking with my fists to defend her honor may be the one way into her damaged wounded heart.
Either I’ll earn her eternal love or descend into an unfathomably deep cavern of loneliness.
I fell in love with Sierra that first night.
Time to prove I’m the only man she’ll every need.

His enraptured drunk eyes still haunt my dreams.
High school Houston’s confident muscular body renders me helpless with every sexy smile.
Fate’s brought us back to the street where we grew up.
Seems perfect.
Except my baggage now involves an enraged ex-husband unable to control his volatile emotions from the traumas of war.
Houston’s carefree vibrant spirit with Rocky is everything I wished Blade could be as a father.
The mounting pressure of eliminating parental rights from a man who can do no better is breaking my bruised heart.
And Houston’s by my side every painful step of the way to gather the missing pieces.
Life-altering decisions loom heavy in my body.
Can I hold sacred space for a failed marriage with a precious blessing, while allowing the promise of the man I deserve to unfold?
No. I can’t.
One of our hearts will be forever broken.
I pray to God it’s not mine.

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