House of Vampires 13: The Others by Samantha Snow (ePUB)

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House of Vampires 13: The Others (The Lorena Quinn #13) by Samantha Snow – Free eBooks Download


We walk among you. Witches, fairies, and vampires. Humans call us the Others.

I’m Jessica Clark, you’re favorite witch, straight out of the ONP. (Order of New Purgatory.)

Dad likes to call me his ace, especially when I’ve manipulated someone into serving his purpose. Classmates like to call me Xerox—Roxie for short—on a count of my ability to mimic their magic, but I’m getting off track. (Anyway.)

Four years ago, Rafael’s Rain caused an explosion of magic that woke up the world to the truth.
The Others are real, and while some humans have adjusted well to the new reality, others resist even as everything around them continues to change.

Now, I’m helping with a murder investigation led by an FBI Agent named Donavan Blood. He’s trouble wrapped in an irresistible package, and to make matters worse, he’s got a mind as sharp as his fangs and power that makes my skin heat.

Things are about to get really interesting…

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