House of Ruin by Karolina Wilde (ePUB)

house ruin, karolina wilde

House of Ruin (Precious Villains #2) by Karolina Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Alecto Black and Blaze Leveau aren’t exactly enemies anymore after they were forced to work together last trimester to protect their House from threats. But they aren’t friends either.

While the House of Snakes is recovering from the unexpected betrayal and attack on their House, Blaze is trying to figure out his feelings, and Alecto is getting ready to get her vengeance on everyone who had wronged her. Blaze Leveau is on her list, even if he doesn’t know it yet.
The second round of the Game is upon the House of Snakes, and they are eager to get back to seeking more prestige and power for their House. But when a series of mysterious murders break out on campus, appearing as ancient rituals cast by the most dangerous and forbidden coven in Inathis, Snakes are facing a threat bigger than ever before.
As Snakes set out to uncover the mystery around the murders and discover the truth behind them, Blaze and Alecto face centuries-old family secrets. And soon, they realize that some things are better left in the past. But sometimes, the past doesn’t want to stay hidden.

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