Hot Pool Boy Summer by Carly Keene (ePUB)

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Hot Pool Boy Summer (Hot H.E.A. Summer) by Carly Keene – Free eBooks Download


I’m really going to enjoy this vacation at the Love Lake resort cabins.
Since I broke off my engagement to a man I didn’t love, I need some time to myself.
Especially since the historical romance novels I write just don’t seem to be flowing easily of late, and I’m on deadline.
I decide I need a palate cleanser, just someone to flirt with before I go back to the real world, and the pool boy looks like a good bet.
He’s gorgeous, from his dimples to his hard-worker muscles.
Those blue eyes sparkle like a freshly-cleaned pool…and he makes me feel so feminine and beautiful.
Nothing wrong with a little fun, right?

Okay, look, I’m not just a “pool boy.”
I own the company.
I’m proud of winning the contract for Love Lake’s resort cabins, and I take my career seriously. I don’t take advantage of my clients.
But when the curvy beauty with big brown eyes starts flirting awkwardly with me, I notice her. In fact, I fall for her.
Hook, line, and sinker. Immediately.
She makes it clear she’s only looking for a fling, but I know what we have is more than that.
If I can just convince her that the romance novels she writes can come true…

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