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Hot for the Hockey Player (#MatchMade #3) by Emma Tharp – Free eBooks Download


An unplanned surprise turns Delaney’s carefully-controlled life upside down, and it’s up to one newly divorced hockey player to make her believe everything can be made right again.
Delaney is smart, fun, and a total workaholic—who doesn’t always make the best choices. Falling into bed with Pierce, the sexy man her friend Savannah matched her with, might go down as one of her worst decisions yet. Not because it wasn’t smoking hot. It’s a night she’ll never forget. But, because it ended with a huge surprise.

After his divorce, NHL hotshot Pierce decides to use a matchmaker to set him up on a date. He’s sick of women only wanting him for his money. When he meets Delaney, they couldn’t be more different, and yet they click. Now she’s all he can think about.

Neither predicted a broken condom or an unexpected pregnancy. Delaney isn’t convinced that raising a child with a stranger is a good idea. Pierce is ready to take things to the next level. She gives him one weekend to change her mind. He wants her, their baby, and the life they’d created together. Only Pierce would fall for the one woman who’d make him work for it. Can he do what it takes to keep her?

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