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Hot & Cold Daddy Boss (Grumpy Bosses and Daddies #5) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


Riane Leighton didn’t expect trouble from her boyfriend, Mel, when she accepted a job as a nanny to a handsome, yet cold, grumpy and arrogant man, Leo Holbrook. But she wasn’t even aware what was coming…
My ready smile faded before I properly arranged it. The minute my prospective employer opened the door, I couldn’t stop staring up into those light gray eyes. My stomach sank as did my hopes for this ideal job. No way am I gonna get this job, no effing way.
I stared up into light gray eyes as hard as granite. As bald as an egg Mr. Holbrook, gave no smile of greeting or welcome. Yeah, he had the bad boy look going on.
Full sensuous lips, a strong jaw, and a nose like a hawk’s beak, he had it all. As sexy as Adonis, my prospective employer couldn’t have been five years older than me.
His four year old daughter, Skyler, is adorable, and I connected with her immediately. I got the job because Skyler chose me.
Leo is bitter and angry over his ex-wife, Brigitte, who is now pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. She calls him for help and in spite of his intense dislike for her, he can’t stop himself from helping her. And he brought her home. This indicates he still has feelings for her?
I am still attracted to Leo, despite his cold arrogance.
I become good friends with his ex-wife. Both of us have boyfriends, who are not ready to step back at any cost. And I am forced into action when her abusive boyfriend pushes his way into the house, demanding to see Brigitte. When he got violent, I have to take him down.
I had no idea I will ever had to ever fight like this. But this was just a trailer… Something horrible was coming. And my ex-boyfriend, Mel, guns me down. I recovered, but I became despondent…
After long time everything was going well. Riane had recovered and back home. But to Leo’s shock Riane left him… But why? Because of Leo’s ex-wife? Her ex-boyfriend? Or is she kidnapped?

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