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Georgiana Bentley is tired of having everybody tell her what to do. Her life is stifling, and she yearns to be free of it, especially when she learns that the man she has loved all of her life is marrying someone else. Determined to save herself the pain of having to attend his wedding, she eschews everything she has ever known and goes to live with her aunt. Once there, she realises just how little she knows about herself and embarks on a series of adventures to try to find out who she really is. What she discovers is that her problems have followed her.

Unfortunately, Will is less than appreciative of her adventures. Having followed her to try to persuade her to return to her parent’s house, he finds her in several questionable situations no lady should ever be in. When he challenges her over her behaviour, it quickly becomes evident that Georgiana is no longer the childhood friend he thought he knew. Instead she is an extremely beautiful, desirable woman he struggles to understand yet cannot walk away from.

Is it too late to cancel his wedding, and marry the woman he truly wants? Or will duty and pride prevent him from ever finding happiness?

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