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hooking, ellie rae

Hooking (Seattle Skipjacks #2) by Ellie Rae – Free eBooks Download


Well, I’m no longer getting married. Turns out the man who I thought was the star of every wet dream I ever had, was also the star for several others. I should be more torn up by this, but for some reason I’m not. And maybe that’s because I’ve been picturing the wrong man.
Channing Halloway has been my best friend ever since he was traded to the Skipjacks. We crossed the line one time, but I ended up in the friend zone. I never forgot about that night even after he broke my heart. Which sucks even more because I closed my heart off to all relationships which is probably why my engagement failed.
However, when he comes on what was supposed to be my honeymoon, and two pink lines show on a pregnancy test. Well, that’s something we both weren’t prepared for.

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