Honeymoon Hideout by Abby Knox (ePUB)

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Honeymoon Hideout (Paradise Passions #2) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


I don’t need a reason to go on vacation with my best friend, Sierra, but I’ve got several. One of them being my impending wedding, and my desire to be far, far away from the groom. This vacation is all about girl time and “me time,” so the last thing I need is to meet and fall for a soft-spoken resort employee. But, the refreshingly shy, polite and slightly nerdy Brooks is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. The more I see him, the faster his shyness burns off like fog in the South Pacific sunshine, and soon the life I left behind is a distant memory.

I meet a lot of celebrities on this rock, and none of them have ever left me starstruck. Until the day Jax Pierce walks into my life. As a man with no game when it comes to women, I’m not prepared for this day. More importantly, all I can think about is my lifelong crush on this woman. I feel as awkward as I felt at 13, and it shows in the way I keep tripping over my words and missing her jokes. However, the more time I spend with Jax, the more I realize what she needs. Me. I might not have moves, but I do have enthusiasm, loyalty, and complete devotion. There’s no choice in the matter; she’s going to be on an island vacation with me for the rest of our lives.

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