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honestly always you, melissa frey

Honestly Always You (Codex Origin) by Melissa Frey – Free eBooks Download


College student Mandy Carlson has everything she’s ever wanted: a handsome, successful boyfriend, solid future plans, and a possible marriage proposal in the near future. But when her plans are abruptly derailed, the wise-cracking Justin Stanford is there to make her smile. He even suggests they pretend to date so she can sort out her feelings in peace, and she agrees on one condition: They promise to always be honest with each other.
Justin has had his eye on Mandy since freshman year. When she needs a friend, he steps in and does the honorable thing, but he can’t help but think their easy conversation and flirty banter is hinting at something deeper between them. He just worries he can’t keep his promise while keeping his true feelings for her a secret.
As Mandy recovers from her life-changing graduation weekend, she realizes the feelings she’s been faking for Justin might be real.
But can she figure out how to let him in without getting burned again?

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