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Homecoming Queen (Carlisle Cellars #2) by Fabiola Francisco – Free eBooks Download


She left town years ago to pursue her singing career. He was left heartbroken. When she returns, will they get a second chance or will her secret ruin their chances?

Madison left me with a broken heart and not even a backward glance. She was everything to me until she chose her music career over our relationship. I would’ve followed her to the moon, but she didn’t give me a choice.
Now, she’s back in our small town, but she’s nothing like the carefree girl I loved. Despite the anger I feel, I still care about her.
Something isn’t right, especially when I hear she’s abandoned her career in the music world. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.
The truth about why she is home is even worse than I could’ve imagined, and I vow to protect her. Her secret is safe with me. She’s safe with me.
She says she’s broken, but I’ll prove to her she can heal. I only hope I don’t lose her in the process.

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