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Homebody Omega (Glass Bay Apartments #4) by Aria Grace – Free eBooks Download


Arlo isn’t the kind of omega who likes to be out in the world. He just likes to stay home and play video games. People are complicated and rude, and he’ll take his three cats over people any day of the week. His quiet life of solitude makes him happy…or at least content.
High energy doesn’t even come close to describing Xavier. He’s not happy if he’s not doing something physical. From leading morning aerobics classes in the courtyard to spin classes in the gym, he does it all. Fitness is practically his middle name.
Xavier sees Arlo as just another person who needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Arlo sees Xavier as an overbearing bully who pressures people into joining his classes.
They couldn’t be more opposite.
But when Arlo gets some scary news from his doctor, he knows he’s got to start taking his health more seriously and Xavier is the only person he trusts to help him.

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