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It’s just my bad luck to have the world’s hottest next-door neighbor. A neighbor who happens to be the star goalie for the Salt Lake City Sting. Even worse? I’m stuck working with him all season.

When I left for college ten years ago, I swore I would never come back. Why would I after everything that happened? But here I am, back in the same city and the same house. And it’s filled with the same bad memories.
Now, I have to face them without the one person who promised they would always be there for me. The empty house is just a reminder that I’m on my own.
But I’m so much stronger than I was back then. And I only have to make it through one year. What’s the worst that could happen?
Brant Morrison throwing himself in front of me like he’s taking an assassin’s bullet. That’s what.
I have everything under control until he stomps into my life. With those eyebrows of his. And those abs. There’s no way abs like that are legal in Utah.
Then, because every dark night can always get a little darker, I find out he’s the goalie for the Sting. The same team that hired me as their new assistant athletic trainer. Now I’m stuck with him for the season.
It’s just one year. Then I can go back to the life I’ve been building for myself. There’s no room for Brant Morrison in that life. And there’s certainly no room for the feelings he brings out in me. Feelings that make my skin so warm I’m staying away from dry brush, just in case.
Maybe this year is going to be more difficult than I thought.

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