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Hollywood Triplets (West Coast Players #3) by Layla Valentine – Free eBooks Download


At 17, I got the diagnosis that seemed to set my future in stone. I didn’t think I’d ever find a partner, never mind have babies, All of a sudden, I’m having three!

CURT: I’ve played the rom-com hero too many times to count,
But the real thing? That’s always eluded me, until now.
Annalise is unlike any woman I’ve met before—and not just because she’s a virgin.
She’s funny, gorgeous, and utterly uninterested in what she can get out of dating a celebrity.
My movie contract forbids me from starting anything serious, but I know she’s worth breaking the rules for,
… So long as the news doesn’t get out.

ANNALISE: I eschewed intimacy for years, but Curt was worth waiting for,
The hot-as-all-hell heartthrob movie star, so desirable he contractually can’t be seen with another woman
So what if we had to keep it all a secret?
I didn’t mind the sneaking around; it was kind of hot, honestly,
But now, I have a problem.
Because it turns out I can get pregnant. And now I’m expecting not one, but three forbidden babies!

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