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Hollywood Secrets (The Hollywood #1) by Carol Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


At forty-six, Adelaide Atwood could feel her career slipping away. Younger actresses were getting roles that she was used to being offered.
Ada’s not ready to call time on her acting career though. She’d given up so much to get here.
Sydney Lockett might have had a late start compared to many of her fellow actors, but at thirty years old, she’d been crowned the highest-paid actress with her name regularly mentioned in the same sentence as some of the best actresses like Adelaide Atwood.
Sydney had always done things her way, unwilling to hide who she was, knowing that if she was talented enough, it wouldn’t matter that she was gay.
Sydney had everything she’d dreamt of, everything except a relationship that lasted more than a few weeks.
They shared the same agent and the same dreams, but while Sydney had always been out, Ada couldn’t be any further in the closet.
Ada views them as rivals.
Sydney thinks Ada is the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen.
Tempers flare. Sparks fly.
Do they really have a chance?

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