Hollynn’s Horizon by Amanda Zook (ePUB)

hollynn's horizon, amanda zook

Hollynn’s Horizon (Nighthawk Search and Rescue #5) by Amanda Zook – Free eBooks Download


Witness a murder? Check
Escape with my life? Check
Survive a plane crash? Check
Spend weeks shacking up with a hot Lumberjack under the guise of protection?Mamma Mia Lady Cluck?That a most definite Check
And by hot lumberjack, I mean the total package. Shoulders, abs, muscles on top of muscles. But even though I’m treated to my own thirst trap show almost daily while he chops wood, I sense there is something beneath the gruff exterior that has cut him deeply. He’s got a past that has left more scars than my own. It’s a beautiful thing when he reveals them to me. The only problem is, I’ve got a secret that will force us apart, despite how well he can wield his . . . axe. I must protect his heart by walking away.

I had been looking forward to a little solitary time when a phone call from my boss changes my plans. Now instead of rest and relaxation at my cabin, I have a new mission. And she just fell out of a tree into my arms. The men she’s running from will stop at nothing to take her out, especially since she’s hidden something important to them. I vow to keep her safe. It’s what I do. But the little Disney princess look-a-like weasels her way into my secrets. I share things I’ve never told anyone, not even my Nighthawk family. When she walks away, it’s too late. I’m already in too deep. But can I overcome the specters from my past to be the man she needs me to be?

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