Holidays with Hades by Brenda Trim (ePUB)

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Holidays with Hades (Mystical Midlife in Maine #4) by Brenda Trim – Free eBooks Download


Popcorn strands, holly berries, and twinkly lights. Add a little magic and the holiday season will be perfect, right?
‘Tis the season and I’m setting the stage. But even with all the trimmings, I know better than to think everything will run smoothly.
I’ve promised an invitation to Fate and it’s never a good idea to keep such a powerful being waiting, but my festive frenzy keeps getting interrupted. Removing curses and humoring carolers are the last things I should be doing when I’ve also just learned that I have to make room at the Yule Dinner table.
For whom? Oh, just Hades, God of the freaking Underworld and father of the man in my bed.
I didn’t have time for the normal chaos in my life, but this is a new extreme. It’s impossible to make a good impression when I barely remember my name.
My power is hours away from turning me into a vegetable, my house is a mess, and suddenly my ex-husband has some demands of his own.
Not today, Satan.
Nothing will ruin these holidays for me and my family.

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