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holiday hijinks, samantha baca

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When my boyfriend asked me to go on a weekend getaway to his family’s cabin, I pictured evenings cuddled on the couch by the fireplace and candlelit dinners. Time for us to reconnect, and if I was picking up on all of his mixed signals, maybe he was going to propose.
Unfortunately, it seemed that my romantic weekend was doomed from the start. When we arrived, we were greeted by his parents, who just so happened to hate me. Nothing I did was good enough, and they made sure I knew it.
Everyone has a breaking point, and unfortunately, I reached mine pretty quickly. I didn’t think before I stole my boyfriend’s SUV and made a run for it. But of course, with my luck, I didn’t get far.

The sexy stranger who found me didn’t think I was very amusing as I called him a lumbersnack and commented about how I wanted to eat him like a gingerbread man. But he pulled me out of the car and rescued me anyway.
Being stranded with someone I didn’t know should have been more unnerving, but it wasn’t. He made me feel comfortable, and neither of us could ignore the spark that ignited so quickly between us.
But like all good things, that too came to an end when the storm passed, and the roads were cleared.
Neither of us expected to meet under the circumstances we did, but we also didn’t talk about what would happen next. We had been living in a dreamland, but now it was time to wake up and face reality. The only problem was that we both had different visions of what that looked like.

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