Holding On To Nothing by Savannah Schmidt (ePUB)

holding nothing, savannah schmidt

Holding On To Nothing (Holding On #1) by Savannah Schmidt – Free eBooks Download


What would you do to save the love of your best friend’s life? Would you break her heart all over again, just to open her eyes to the truth?

Two years ago, Lillian was the girl Connor didn’t want for his best friend Jasper. She was the spoiled brat of the mayor and dating the biggest jerk of the other richest family in town—or at least that’s what he thought.
But today, Connor would do anything to get his two best friends back. With Lillian and Jasper in comas after a severe car accident, Connor is desperate. When he arrives at the hospital to visit them, he gets the best news he’s been waiting a month to hear—one of them is awake.
But Lillian doesn’t remember anything, and when her father and her ex-boyfriend arrive to bring her back home, Connor does the only thing he can think of to save her from being trapped in a life she used to hate. Filling a notebook with the love story of Lillian and Jasper’s beginning, secrets resurface and heartbreak ensues… but it will all be worth it if she can just remember.

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