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I want nothing more than to disappear, run away, anything to get away from my life. It’s never been great, but after my mother died, my father became worse, and I want to live my life, my way. Whatever that is as I’ve never been given the chance to discover it. When I’m blindly grabbed one night, there’s no explaining why my first instinct isn’t to scream. Going with my abductor seems to be insane, but I do it, never expecting to fall in love with the hitman sent to kill me.

I kill for a living, as long as the price is right, living in secret from the rest of the world. Not once, in my life have I second guessed myself before taking a shot, until I see her photo. I may not know why I’ve been sent to kill her, but I know one thing Ono doesn’t, it will never happen. The only place this girl is going to be is under me. When I learn the truth of who Natalia is, I have a new secret, one that could destroy this new budding happiness that’s growing inside me. I’ll do anything to keep her, even if it means burying this secret along with her father.

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