Hitman’s Lovely Bride by Natasha Sterling (ePUB)

hitman's lovely bride, natasha sterling

Hitman’s Lovely Bride (Captivating Brides #2) by Natasha Sterling – Free eBooks Download


After my mom left, my dad held it against me because I was the spitting image of the woman who broke his heart. Today I am going to the diner to meet with my soon-to-be husband. Arranged by my father to a man that is older than he is. Not only that, the man is gross, he’s paid off the sheriff to look the other way with the drug dealings and when women come forward about sexual misconduct claims, those get buried. The mere sight of him I find revolting. I need an out, anything. If I ran away they would track me down. I’m set to marry this creep soon, I’ve got to figure something, anything out.

After a career as a military sniper. I got into a morally gray line of work as a hitman. I’ve been contracted by the King family to take out a local drug distributor, Raffi Pittman. He’s been distributing through the wrong territory which is disrupting business. The Kings feel there is a need to send a message. I’ve been following my mark for a few weeks now and have the perfect setup. You see, when I kill it isn’t messy, I make things look like accidents. This keeps the law from trying to find me or my clients.
I’m cool and collected, never found off guard, until she walks in. I didn’t think this heart of mine felt anymore. But as I hear her talk, my focus becomes more on her and less on my target. I want to protect her, I NEED to get her out of here.

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