His Virgin Valentine by Julie Thorn (ePUB)

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His Virgin Valentine by Julie Thorn – Free eBooks Download


I have a confession to make. Addictions come in many forms…and Wyatt Everdeen is mine.
Unbeknownst to my sexy neighbor, I watch him through the peephole of my apartment door.
How often?
Every day and every chance I get.
Since he moved in next-door to me, I’ve had a thing for him…and little did I know, he feels the same way.
Then the night before Valentine’s Day, he propositions me.
Oh God…When he threatens to jerk off to me—right outside my apartment door—if I don’t let him have me, I nearly faint from shock.
This can’t be happening. Right?
I must be dreaming.
But then, with a dark and possessive look in his gorgeous deep blue eyes, he asks me to be his dirty valentine…or else!
I’m not gonna lie, I want that more than ever.
The only problem is that I’m a virgin.
Let’s just say the rest is history. Dirty, dirty history!

*WARNING: This is an over-the-top SHORT READ with explicit sex scenes, adult themes and adult language.*

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