His Tainted Mate by Delta James (ePUB)

his tainted mate, delta james

His Tainted Mate (Alaskan Tails #3) by Delta James – Free eBooks Download


He must find her, before time runs out.

Trudi and Hamish are on a mission to save their people, traveling to Tasmania with the cure in hand. Trudi refuses to use it until she can prove its effectiveness to her village.
Little do they know, Trudi’s own sister, Elle, is suffering from the disease and has gone into hiding to die alone.
Rab, a snow leopard, has been tasked by his alpha to find and save Elle. From the moment he sees her, he knows she’s his fated mate. However, Elle wants nothing to do with him. Desperate to claim his mate and save her life, Rab must find a way to convince Elle to come back to the village with him.
Time is running out as the disease continues to ravage her body.
Can he claim her heart in time to save her life?

Warning: This is a ‘Alaskan Tails novella, a spin-off from the Mystic River Shifter series. You don’t need to read Mystic River to enjoy these stories.

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