His Runaway Princess by Carol Moncado (ePUB)

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His Runaway Princess (Castles & Courtships #3) by Carol Moncado – Free eBooks Download


She’s a princess adrift in her own life.
He’s a royal protection officer on holiday.
How far is he willing to go to keep her safe?

Of all the things Princess Johanna Betlinde Amalia of Øyanord thought she would do in her life, sneaking away from her protection detail wasn’t one of them.
At least not once she’d outgrown her slightly rebellious teenager phase. But she does anyway, hoping to spend a few days as just Amalia, without the stress – or trappings – of her everyday life.
Ryker Drasil of Eyjania is almost finished with his long overdue holiday to Ravenzario. As he prepares to return to his daily life, he recognizes someone who should have security with her at all times – but doesn’t. He tries to convince himself she’ll be fine, and he should just head home.
She wasn’t his protectee, after all.
They weren’t even from the same country.
But when Ryker realizes she’s not as alone as she seems, he knows none of that matters.
Ryker’s personal and professional reputation depends on keeping Amalia safe, but falling head over heels in love with a princess from another country borders on treason. When Amalia professes her feelings, will Ryker walk away or confess he’s found the one his heart longs for in His Runaway Princess?

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