His Protective Bear by Skye R. Richmond (ePUB)

his protective bear, skye r richmond

His Protective Bear (Bears Of Asheville #4) by Skye R. Richmond – Free eBooks Download


Hunter can’t go into the diner one more day and stare at his fated mate. They’ve known each other since high school, but whenever Hunter comes near Sage he ignores him or bolts. Hunter needs his mate. He’s tried to give him time, but his bear won’t let him wait much longer. Hunter craves Sage in every way and he needs to hear the man at least acknowledge that they’re mates.
Sage is a mess. He’s been in love with Hunter since they were in school together. The popular, athletic, alpha was everything he wasn’t. And Sage longed for him. But whenever Hunter comes around his mouth runs dry and his legs turn to jelly. Sage knows there can never be anything between them. Hunter is the sheriff and part of the most powerful family in town. And Sage is just a cook at his father’s diner.
But underneath it all Sage knows it doesn’t matter. It’s best he keep his distance so no one ever finds out the truth about him. Never again.

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