His Perfect Little Storm by Everly Raine (ePUB)

perfect little storm, everly raine

His Perfect Little Storm (Ricci Crime Family #1) by Everly Raine – Free eBooks Download


Storm is a Little with a weak immune system that makes life difficult. Unable to be around large crowds makes her miss out on a lot. Being so sick makes it even harder for her to find a Daddy. All she wants is to be taken care of, loved, and cherished.

When her friend drags her to a birthday party, she dreads the thought of going, but what she doesn’t know is the birthday boy happens to be a Daddy who is looking for a Little to take care of and cherish.
Miles is a Daddy Dom living a dangerous life. He has spent most of his life in the Ricci Crime Family, working his way into the inner circle while searching for his sister. He has always wanted a Little to cherish and take care of but had stopped looking due to his life choices.

That is, until Storm shows up at his birthday party. Something inside him tugs every second he looks at her.
He wasn’t going to claim her as his, but once he finds a threat toward her, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

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