His Omega Bear by Skye R. Richmond (ePUB)

his omega bear, skye r richmond

His Omega Bear (Bears Of Asheville #5) by Skye R. Richmond – Free eBooks Download


Jaxson’s dealt with more loss than any man should. First his best friend, then his sister. Now he’s raising his niece alone in a town he’s unfamiliar with, but it was his sister’s dying wish that her daughter grow up in Asheville and he intends to honor that promise no matter how difficult and lonely. When Rhys shows up offering help, Jaxson reluctantly accepts. He hates having to depend on others, but he knows when he’s in over his head. Rhys makes things easier and makes him feel less alone. The more time Jaxson spends around him, the deeper he falls. But something about Rhys is a bit off, and until he figures out what, he can’t completely trust him.
Rhys is the youngest of five brothers and the only one who hasn’t found his mate. He’s stuck watching his brothers bask in familial bliss while he’s still alone. They even drop their grunt work off on him, like figuring out who the human is that’s moved in on the edge of their property. Rhys goes to investigate, only to discover the man in question is his mate. Things quickly change from how to keep Jaxson from finding out their secret, to how to break it to him.

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