His Mafia Sunshine by Jude Steel (ePUB)

his mafia sunshine, jude steel

His Mafia Sunshine (His Mafia Men #3) by Jude Steel – Free eBooks Download


I should have run from Liam O’Connor the second he stormed into my diner.
The infamous Irish enforcer is the embodiment of every fear that haunts the streets outside my cozy little haven. With his chiseled features and brutally efficient reputation, he’s the last person I expected to crave the warmth and comfort of my homemade baked goods.
But I see it in his storm cloud eyes – he’s desperately starving for a taste of the tenderness he was denied. As our charged encounters over pie and coffee intensify, I become powerless against the primal gravity pulling us together.
Liam warns me his world is too dark, too violent, to let in my light. But with every soulful moment we share, another crack appears in the impenetrable fortress around his heart. He’s a wounded beast, and I’m too foolish not to see the danger he poses.
When he’s forced to make an impossible choice – the sadistic crime empire he was born into or the healing solace I provide – will our smoldering passion give him the courage to defy his masters for good? Or will our forbidden love consume us both in its blazing inferno?

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