His Little Sapphire by Paige Michaels (ePUB)

little sapphire, paige michaels

His Little Sapphire (Eleadian Mates #5) by Paige Michaels – Free eBooks Download


It’s Chrissy’s turn to find out what it means to have a Papi of her own.
Faced with tremendous medical bills following her mother’s death, Christine needs a second job. She knows Club Zoom only hires men, but she’s desperate, so she applies under the misleading name of Chris.
The manager is reluctant to hire her, fearing she will end up chosen by one of the Eleadian males and leave him once again without nighttime cleaning staff. Nevertheless, he relents.
Strogan spends several nights sitting in the control room, watching the female while she works. His gut tells him she’s his, but he refrains from descending until his Little mate falls off a ladder behind the bar one night.
It only takes a moment in her presence to confirm the overworked female is Strogan’s Little. She’s injured and dripping with spilled alcohol, but there is no doubt. She is his, and she will never again have to work her fingers to the bone.

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