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His Large Pizza (Chefs Gone Wild #1) by Mary Leo – Free eBooks Download


All I wanted was his large pizza.
What I got was a lesson in delicious heat, and not the culinary kind.
Another breakup and once again it’s breakup-pizza time.
Gianno Capra is the only chef who knows exactly how I like it… with extra anchovies and avocado, please! It doesn’t hurt that he’s drop-dead gorgeous with a killer smile that makes me believe this hurt I’m feeling is only temporary.
Of course, I’ve been crushing on Gianno ever since my very first deliciously decadent, breakup-pizza order, but I’d always been too brokenhearted to ever act on it.
Not this time.
A dating app glitch brings us together as Jonathan Torrez and Shannon Brennicki. My name is Madlyn Sparks. Instead of trying to figure out how this happened, we make light of the ironic situation and lean into it to have some sexy, alter-ego fun. It starts out innocent enough, but soon our harmless texting turns into hot and steamy sexting. We’re saying and doing things that are so sinfully naughty, I’m blushing just thinking about them.
We can’t seem to stop, and when we decide to finally be ourselves, it’s even more deliciously decadent than his pizza, and you already know how I feel about his pizza.
Does this alter-ego romance stand a chance, or will I have to find another chef to create my next breakup pizza?

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