His Fight by K.L. Donn (ePUB)

his fight, kl donn

His Fight (Mafia Made #4) by K.L. Donn – Free eBooks Download


Her fight becomes his, and Santi won’t let her go.

Dishonorably discharged.
There’s a distinction between honor and betrayal, and my chosen country chose sides. Abandoning me after I gave them everything.
Back in my homeland, I’m looking for purpose.
For a sign that everything happens for a reason isn’t just a phrase.
I need my life to have meaning again.
And until the early morning hours after a night of drinking, I never thought I’d have it.
She’s the one thing he never knew he was missing.
Amalia Russo.
Fire and rain.
Bruised and broken.
She’s trying to escape but prepared to die.
And my meaning to live.
In Amalia’s reluctant trust, I find my drive to accept my fate and show her what she could be missing if she gives in to her fear, in to his demands.
Sicily thinks the Mafia has gone soft, that love has made its men weak. I’m about to show them love is only making us stronger.

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