His Eighth Ride by Liz Isaacson (ePUB)

his eighth ride, liz isaacson

His Eighth Ride (Ivory Peaks Romance #8) by Liz Isaacson – Free eBooks Download


Tag has secretly admired Opal from afar. He even went so far as to ask her out, but the timing was all off, and now he’s just awkward around his best friend’s little sister. Then, she finds Tag in a precarious situation as he’s breaking a horse. Can their unexpected reunion mend the fences between them and finally lead them to the forever love they’ve been waiting for?
Opal Hammond is at a crossroads. She’s on sabbatical from her high-profile job as a doctor in California, and now that she’s in Ivory Peaks with her brother, his wife, and their new baby, Opal can’t imagine driving away. She’s tried dating over the years, and no one has ever been a fit. In fact, she believes she’s destined to be single forever. That no one will ever emerge as her One True Love.
Taggart Crow is the foreman on Gertrude Hammond’s small family farm, and he’s become Mike’s best friend in the year he’s worked there. So that means Opal, as Mike’s younger sister, is completely off-limits. Too bad his heart sings and the heavens open every time he encounters the woman.
When Opal is injured while Tag’s breaking a horse, his guilt eats him alive. So he’s right at her side on the way to the hospital. When she comes back to the farm. Everywhere. And the more time they spend together and the more he takes care of her, the more he can’t deny his feelings.
So when he asks her out for the second time, Opal says yes. She’s still not sure she’s marriage material, but she’s told Tag more of her personal secrets than anyone else. Can they find their own brand of happily-ever-after right there in Ivory Peaks?

Join Opal and Tag as they heal together in HIS EIGHTH RIDE, the next installment in the captivating Ivory Peaks series. Immerse yourself in the powerful Hammond Family saga and experience the romance, resilience, and faith that this compelling series is known for.

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