His Curvy Office Obsession by Flora Ferrari (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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His Curvy Office Obsession by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


I’m known as a hard nosed – hard headed businessman, but the moment I see Sally I’m under her spell. She’s hot… and I mean hot and as sexy as hell. As I watch her walk down the hall in that tight little skirt I imagine all the filthy things I could do to her.

I’m hard just thinking about her, until I discover that she’s Joe’s daughter… not only the Managing Director of the company I work for, but my best friend. Shit happens… I try and forget all about her, but my cock has other ideas. When Joe sends her to work in my office, it gets hot… far too hot to handle. I’m bewitched by her curves and feel the beast rise up inside me every time I see her… until I’m driven wild with lust. In the end, somethings got to give … and it’ll probably be me.

The guy in the elevator is my dream man. Over six feet tall, handsome and rippling with muscles. I feel his eyes on me, staring at me, and I wonder who he is. I soon find out when I go to work in his office. At first I don’t understand him, he blows hot and cold, but all the time I feel his eyes staring at me, drinking me in, and there’s definitely a tension between us. He finally makes a move one night and he takes my breath away…

I’ve never been touched by a man before and he leaves me wanting more. Trouble is, he’s dad’s best friend and twice my age… how can this ever work out?

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