His Captive Virgin by Kallista Dane (ePUB)

captive virgin, kallista dane

His Captive Virgin (Forever Yours #1) by Kallista Dane – Free eBooks Download


She foresaw the night her parents died.
Saw the faceless stranger who would save her life, then steal her heart and her innocence.

Fearing for her safety, grieving heiress Mercy Whitaker stows away on a ship setting sail from St. Thomas, relying on a disguise to keep her virtue intact. When she’s discovered in the midst of a hurricane, Captain James Teach informs her women at sea are bad luck, then locks her in his cabin until he can rid himself of her at the nearest port.
His stowaway is feisty and opinionated, unlike any woman he’s ever met. And beneath her drab disguise is a lush female form. But the captain vows he’ll not be swayed by the hunger she stirs within him.
James falls gravely ill and Mercy must call upon her mystical skills to restore him to health, even if it means shedding her disguise. When the captain punishes Mercy for her deception, then gives in to temptation and claims her at last, he awakens dark desires she’s never felt before.
After a near-tragedy drives them apart, will James find the courage to tear down the wall he built between them and admit that Mercy has captured his heart?

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