His Alien Hostage by Zara Zenia (ePUB)

his alien hostage, zara zenia

His Alien Hostage (Alien Pirates Of Cania #2) by Zara Zenia, Juno Wells – Free eBooks Download


She was abducted by aliens and turned into an Omega. But her rebellious acts will lead her to the fate she fights against.
I thought I would be arrested when the police cornered me during the demonstration, but instead, I find myself teleported onto the ship of alien slavers who inject me with chemicals so they can sell me to an Alpha of their race.
But when another Earth woman and her alien mate come to my rescue, I find myself in the position of being able to fight back against those who took me.
The plan is simple enough—kidnap the son of a nobleman to use as leverage for what we need to get to escape the dangers in this star system…and to get me home to Earth. But our prisoner, the Alpha I try so hard to hate, isn’t all that he appears. And what lies under the surface may seal my fate as his mate.

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