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Hijinks and Demons (Queen Lucy #3) by Rhiannon Lee – Free eBooks Download


A cold wave rocked through me that I could not describe. It was as if I was being cut off from Hell and everything good in the entire universe. I was entirely alone, but within myself, and the void it left was one of darkness and chills that ran along every inch of my skin.
On the scale of being caked by a minxle to foiling assassinations, everything should have prepared the Queen of Hell for waking up to a handsome stranger, right? After Abaddon ran away with this tail firmly tucked, and Lucy could finally catch her breath, she was prepared to start a new life with the men and family she loved most. But letting her guard down was her first mistake.
Losing everything in the blink of an eye seemed like a cliché until it wasn’t. How had Abaddon snuck back into the palace? Why had he sent her to a different dimension? And why was this red-headed stranger claiming he was given a secret mission by her grandfather to help her? These are only the start of the headache Lucy has to fight if she wants to survive being ripped away from everything she knows.
In a race against her own future, Lucy must trust her instincts now more than ever. And if she wants to stand a chance at restoring Hell and her reign, she also needs to tread carefully around familiar faces. If there is one thing she knows all too well, it’s that not everyone is as they seem.

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