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hijacking holiday, heather long

Hijacking Holiday (Special Forces & Brotherhood Protectors #8) by Heather Long – Free eBooks Download


He has dirt on his hands…
For years, Lieutenant Ned “Wraith” Wagner had been on the trail of a series of highly placed, dangerous assets. He’d used everyone and everything at his disposal to weed out the problems. It had cost him—relationships, trust, agents, and good friends. He now has a chance at the grail, an archive file containing everything he needs to finally dismantle the network he’s waged war against. One problem, he needs the right operative and his options are limited, and he’s on the clock.

She’s compromised, blacklisted, and burned…
Hollis “Holiday” Dagr retired at gunpoint two years earlier. It was either retire and disappear, or Leavenworth. She took the hint and vanished. The absolute last person she wants to see is the Wraith who burned her. The last thing she wants to hear is he needs her help. Then he dangles the one thing guaranteed to motivate her—exoneration. Fine, she’ll do the job, but he’s going with her. He always planned on seeing her again and making it right. Now he just has to survive her long enough to make up for hijacking her life.

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