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hijacked, lolita lopez

Hijacked (Cyborg Redemption) by Lolita Lopez – Free eBooks Download


Spoiled heiress Camila has enjoyed a privileged life thanks to her politically connected family. Sheltered from the harsh realities of the galaxy, she has no idea that her vacation plans are about to go horribly awry.

To survive the emperor’s murderous plot, cyborgs Misko, Andro and Branko lead a small group of civilians into an escape pod. During a chaotic launch, Andro is badly injured, and Misko and Branko find themselves holding their panicked group together. Soon, their limping escape pod strands them in space.

All seems lost—until a private ship crosses their path.
Hijacked by filthy criminals, Camila tries to flee but is captured by Misko. He quickly identifies her as precious cargo and decides to keep her—in his cabin, tied to his bed.

Misko isn’t sure why he’s fascinated by the bratty blonde who tried to claw his eyes out, but he’s compelled to keep her close—naked and writhing underneath him close.
Soon, that infuriating, handsome cyborg hasn’t just hijacked Camila’s ship, he’s hijacked her heart.

Faced with losing Misko, Camila vows to risk everything to save him from the emperor’s death squads. She wants Misko in her life, by her side, in her bed, forever—and she always gets what she wants.

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