Highlander’s Wicked Destiny by Fiona Faris (ePUB)

highlander's wicked destiny, fiona faris

Highlander’s Wicked Destiny (Wicked Highlanders #4) by Fiona Faris – Free eBooks Download


Love is like a battlefield, dangerous and deadly…

Lizzie MacDonald wished she wasn’t the daughter of a Laird. Being born to privilege means that she has specific obligations. Marry the lad her family wants.
But her heart beats for Noah MacDonald, the adoptive Sassenach son of her uncle. A man the clan will never accept as a leader. However, Lizzie is determined to go to extremes to be with him.

Noah always wanted to prove that he is a real Scotsman and win the hand of the golden-haired lass he longs for. Unfortunately for him, she is bound to marry his best friend Ewan MacGregor.
When he is called to war and arrives at the front, Noah is shocked to discover that a soldier with his name is already there. The man is none other than Lizzie herself. But before he has the chance to see her safely back, she is violently abducted.

When love and bravery turn into madness, will the battlefield be the ideal place to nurture a clandestine romance? Is love, youth and enthusiasm enough to face the horrors and betrayals of war?

She defied fate to be with him, he will forsake family to have her…

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