Highlander’s Warrior Heart by Ann Marie Scott (ePUB)

highlander's warrior heart, ann marie scott

Highlander’s Warrior Heart (Highlands’ Formidable Warriors #2) by Ann Marie Scott – Free eBooks Download


A warrior can fight against anything but love.

Being the eldest daughter of the Laird and now of marrying age, Garia McLeish knows she has little to no chance of escaping her fate. But the suitor her father has chosen for her is not only a brute and unfit for marriage, but also a man who could ruin her clan. Unable to take part in an unholy settlement that will destroy the future of her people and her own, Garia does the unthinkable and runs away.

Trevor is the best warrior of the Mcdougal clan, and while attending the McLeish clan’s wedding, he was hoping for a few days of peace instead of the panic he is witnessing. When he is called to the great hall to be informed that the bride is missing and her fiancee is threatening with bloodshed, he wonders what that has to do with him…
His Laird calls him aside and asks him to go after the lass! After all, he’s the best tracker in the Highlands, and if he finds her, it will further strengthen the ties between the two clans. Trevor is reluctant but finally agrees to go, unable to deny the call of duty.

Proving his worth, he quickly tracks down Garia and realizes that the lass is heading towards the English border and is facing deadly danger. When the two finally meet, he and Garia have no other option than to pretend to be a couple to save her life and conceal her true identity.
Now, trapped with a lass he has to pretend to be married to, Trevor has to either take her back and doom her life or help her and betray his clan. And with enemies tracking their steps, slowly falling for he strong-minded lass will only make things worse…

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