Highlander’s Twin Flame by Shona Thompson (ePUB)

twin flames, shona thompson

Highlander’s Twin Flame by Shona Thompson – Free eBooks Download


For a moment, she had forgotten, she was pretending to be someone else.

Beautiful, cold, untouchable, his obsession. That’s what Adamina, the wife of Laird Domnhall Buchan, was. All he wanted was to worship her, but she never allowed him to get close.
After returning from a trip looking soft and vulnerable, Domnhall crosses every limit between them to be with her. And after a taste, he can’t get enough.
Allie is heading towards a life that is not hers to a man she doesn’t belong to. One day, she is just a maid. The next one, she is traveling to take her place as the wife of a Laird.
This is her punishment for sharing the same face as Lady Adamina of the Buchan Clan. She gave Allie a choice: “either take my place or die.”
There’s fine a line between right and wrong, and Allie crosses it when she accepts the deal and surrenders to the husband that she shouldn’t love.

With happiness within their grasp, they don’t know that the dream will become a nightmare and that, when Adamina returns, the truth will crush them both…
Love and hate share the same face, and he’s thirsty for them both…

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