Highlander’s Rage by Alisa Adams (ePUB)

highlander's rage, alisa adams

Highlander’s Rage (Unbroken Highland Spirits #2) by Alisa Adams – Free eBooks Download


She swore to repay her debt to him, but she will do much more than that…
Aoide was born in a poor home, and had to fight for every happy moment so far. Yet, even the strongest of hearts can be swept away by a powerful tide; when she is embroiled in an attempt to rob a tax convoy, Aoide’s path crosses with that of the towering Captain Lachlan Dunne.

Known for his stoic demeanor and stony gaze, Lachlan Dunne scares women as much as he attracts them. His powerful gait and his predatory stare, only add to this Highlander’s mystery. Aoide has to convince this bear of a man that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she had nothing to do with the robbery.

To everyone’s surprise, the lass succeeds in calming down the brute, and Lachlan lets her go. But not long after that, Aoide finds her way back to his encampment. She believes that she owes Lachlan her life, and she refuses to leave his side until she has repaid that debt.

Lachlan decides to scare the girl off, but the results bring him into a position he has never been before… His bursts of rage indicate that a fiery passion was buried long ago, and Aoide wonders what might lie beneath his cold exterior. She knows that attempting to tame him might be dangerous, but unbeknownst to her, without his protection she will not leave to see another day.

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