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Highlander’s Pride by Adamina Young – Free eBooks Download


Everyone tells her to avoid him. Everyone but her heart…
Nothing scares Margaret MacGill more than the prospect of marriage. Growing up as a wallflower, the very thought of men brings her discomfort, as Margaret does not see herself as a beautiful woman. Thus, when her brother Laird MacGill announces to her that he has arranged a series of Highland games, she panics at the hearing of the prize; a kiss from her!

Now, people from all over Scotland will be coming to their castle expecting to find a stunningly beautiful lass sitting beside the Laird. Without a doubt, this is a trick by her brother aiming to bring attention to her and help her fight a husband, but Margaret feels she will disappoint all the contenders. Before the games begin, Margaret meets Brodie, a mysterious man who is there all alone. The charming Highlander does not know who she is and flirts with her, making Margaret feel like a woman for the first time in her life. She now has someone to root for in the games until she learns the terrible truth; Brodie is a member of an enemy clan and entirely off-limits for her!

To everyone’s surprise, Brodie comes only second to a man named Ivor, the tallest and strongest competitor on the field. Any other lass would die for a chance to be close to Ivor, but Margaret feels that this giant warrior is more interested in himself than her. However, Laird MacGill is happy to make the winner part of his family, as Ivor’s clan would become a great ally! But to his great dismay, the news hit him like a thunderbolt; Margaret stubbornly refuses to marry Ivor. Margaret, who thought that no man would ever desire her, is now torn between two of Scotland’s best warriors. She wants to listen to her heart, but if she is naive, and Brodie is indeed a malicious man who has seduced her, the consequences will be terrible. Soon the masks will fall, and a long-dormant danger will awake, making Margaret realize that her choice will not affect only her life but the very livelihood of her people…

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